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The Art I Made In December

My Weekly Foray into the Forest of my Mind

I made more fun drawings last month. One project in particular was the promotional flyer for my show this coming Sunday, January 8, at 4:00 PM at the French House. (Come on out to witness my first of many multimedia shows. All of the info is on the flyer below.)

Featured above is a “making of” video I made of the process behind creating this promo poster through various stops and starts. (Press the play button above to watch.) It is fun to see this video now when I compare it to the finished product. Clearly, I moved the placement of the piano, and I am glad I did:

Of course, my weekly pencil drawings of abstract flowers continues. Here they are in all their splendor:

I try to create textures and a sense of movement.

There are points of light and shades of grey to black.

I have always loved the curves and shapes of waves that occur in nature.

Flowers give me joy.

Drawing is a form of relaxation that allows me to explore designs and forms without being too fussy about it all. It is similar to when I am just noodling around on my piano. These kinds of creative freedoms are liberating.

There is more art for the making in 2023, and I am so ready.

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